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Website Launch - Evolvida

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I'm so happy to have worked with Julia and her web design. Julia Sinclair-Brown is a multi-talented woman who has been there and done it. Evolvida is part of her portfolio of services that offers coaching, training and support to people and businesses on the sensitive subject of bereavement.

I started working with Julia over a yer ago and I would certainly consider her a friend and a colleague now. I can advocate her services and ability to listen and interpret feelings and thoughts first hand. I feel that a part of me was integral in this website design and it means a lot to me.

The Evolvida website was a design enigma in that it needed to be appealing without being a 'sales' site. Julia's services and products are most certainly relevant and speak for themselves. The website serves to frame what she does using subtle and calming shades and combining a professional yet personable approach.

There is a lot more to come from Julia and her business - and I mean a lot! I am working with her on various other parts of this project and I look forward to seeing a wonderful soul success in providing an amazing service to those who need it.

You can check out Julia's online portfolio at:

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