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What is SEO?

'SEO' is short for 'Search Engine Optimisation'. In a nut shell this is about making your website visible on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. It's about making your website easy to read by search engines. It's about using the right words and images and about putting the right stuff behind the website pages so that it is seen by the right people too.  

'On Page' refers to the pages of your website as opposed to any other site (like Facebook or Twitter etc).

We could go into sitemaps and labelling images and pages and keywords etc., but we're keeping it simple here. There's no point in complicating things or speaking jargon - if you want to learn more about this then we can explain a bit more during your initial consultation.

Once your website design is done we will transfer the website to you and show you how to securely host your website too. This means that we will help you to make sure it is visible on the internet. We can then help you with your SEO strategy.

FCWD SEO Strategies

  • Core SEO Strategy

    Improve your presence on search engines like Google
    • Keyword research
    • Focus on 10 key website pages
    • Addition of meta details
    • Competitor keywords
    • Content optimisation
    • Connect to Google Analytics & Search Console
    • Structured data (per website)
    • Image Optimisation
    • Index your sitemap with Google
    • SEO strategy report & site improvements recommendations
    • Creation of sitemap page on website
    • 5 landing pages that are focused on location & keywords
  • Pro SEO Strategy

    Comprehensive website strategy for enhanced SEO
    • Keyword research
    • Focus on 20 key website pages
    • Addition of meta details
    • Competitor keywords
    • Content optimisation
    • Connect to Google Analytics & Search Console
    • Structured data (per page)
    • Image Optimisation
    • Re-index your sitemap with Google
    • Canonical URL audit
    • Website SEO audit & report
    • Back links submissions
    • SEO Strategy report & site improvements recommendations
    • Creation of website sitemap page
    • Creation of 5 landing pages based on location & keywords
  • National SEO

    Strategy designed to reach larger scale audiences
    • All benefits of Core SEO Strategy
    • Creation of 5 location specific landing pages
    • Page content keyword density & placement audit
    • Broad range / intent focused meta details for national reach
    • Broad range / intent focused structured website data
    • Custom meta tags aligned with FCWD keyword research
    • Creation of 20 landing pages based on location & keywords
  • International SEO

    SEO strategy to reach international markets
    • All benefits of Pro SEO Strategy
    • Site replication for 3 key international markets
    • Keyword research & implementation for multiple key markets
    • Plan price STARTS at £2995 & will vary based on requirement
  • Add to your strategy

    SEO Monitoring

    Every month
    Ongoing support, feedback & updates for your SEO strategy
    Valid for 3 months
    • Available for Core and Pro SEO Strategies only
    • Professional SEO monitoring with specialist SEO software
    • Monitored by an experienced SEO professional account manager
    • Keyword tracking
    • Competitor keyword tracking
    • Implementation of recommendation
    • Statistical & analytic management - done for you
    • Monthly SEO reports
    • For National & International SEO, please contact us


It is important to note that the above strategies are designed to produce a robust SEO strategy for your business (whether you current have an SEO strategy in place or not) but they are not the final solution for your SEO requirements. Any SEO project that is a standalone, fixed scope project like these still require ongoing maintenance and amending to ensure that the strategy continues to compete with your competitor's websites and appeals to search engines like Google so that they know to whom to show your website.

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