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Wix Website Builder Official Partner

  • Bespoke Website Design

  • Stunning imagery & graphic design

  • Fluid, responsive sites

  • Up to Unlimited bandwidth

  • Up to 10GB storage

  • Custom domain name

  • Analytics & Support

  • Ecommerce & Bookings

  • SSL certificate included

Once you contact us we will look to arrange a convenient time for an initial consultation. This can be done in person or over the phone but the more we get to know you and your business, the better the likelihood is of the finished product being what you want. It is also likely that we will buy you a coffee and a biscuit during our meeting too at no extra cost to your good selves.  We are based in Kempston, Bedford but can travel within reason to meet with clients.

From this meeting we will put together some options for you to choose from depending on what you require. 

Once you have chosen your website product the fun part starts: we get to work designing your website for you. we will need some information from you like your logo, images and specific text that must be included. If you don't have images that's ok- we offer image bundles where we source relevant and eye-catching pictures for you for a small fee. we also work with a professional photographer who can be hired by yourself if you want something more personal. You will need to pay for the website design phase in advance.

We deal with a lot of new businesses who do not yet have visual products. Don't worry- we can source images if required and Adam is a professional content writer too! We do charge extra for these though so consider your budget.

Once the website is done we send you a link so you can see it. You'll want to make changes. We will do that for you. Once you are happy with the website we can set it live for you and give you access so that you can amend it as required. At this point you will need to make another payment to have your website hosted with basic management for a year. Alternatively we can transfer the website to your own account so you are fully in control of your site.

There are lots of other options to add to your website too like personalised emails, contact forms, social media... we can help with all of that and will take it one step at a time for you. It is all very well to think 'I need a website for my business' but you should also give some consideration as to how people will find your website. Being seen and found online is called SEO and we can help you with that too.


Let's Talk

If you would like to speak with us please complete the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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