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Let me tell you a bit about me:

I am an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and have been working with marketing digital products for around 15 years now and seen a lot of changes in how websites and social media look and how people interact with them. On top of that I know what needs to be done 'behind the scenes' to get your digital products noticed and to get your target audience to interact with you.

My experience spans most digital marketing products: I've had dealings with Ad Words, website design, social media, Facebook ad campaigns, blogging, website programming, SEO and more. 

On top of that my graphic design skills can be seen everywhere; not just online. My designs are on vehicles, doormats, product packaging, shop signage, on marketing material, mugs, coasters, clothing, wedding stationary, display stands... you name it, I will design it!


I don't just do online stuff either. I run other businesses too which are ticking over nicely so I can honestly say that what I am doing works when done right and when my clients commit to working with me. I also teach digital marketing to business owners too so if you want to take control of your own digital portfolio then I can show you how.

I run all of my businesses with what I call a 'transparent policy'. This policy means I have nothing to hide, no hidden T&Cs or costs and I can explain everything that I do. That is why I always say: "Don't take my word for it! Ask my clients!"

Have a good look over my website and feel free to contact any of the business owners on the case study page and ask them how they got on with me.

I look forward to conquering the internet with you soon!

Adam Gold BA, ACIM


April 2016 - present (Bedford) - Website designer and owner of Full Circle Website Design

Local World (Bedford) (Trinity Mirror Group) - 2014-2016 Digital marketing specialist focusing on SEO and data intepretation


Archant Ltd (Huntingdon) - 2012-2014 Digital marketing executive focusing on website design and digital marketing campaigns for local business

Johnston Press (Bedford) - 2007-2012 Advertising executive including website advertising, website design and SEO