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Travel Website- design & launch

Touring Europe and the UK must be on a lot of people's minds right now as we sit on the far edge of the COVID19 pandemic and await the lifting of travel restrictions.

European touring is the subject matter for Grand European Tours - a new business venture from Peterborough that creates fusion between touring and tour management.

The concept for the website design was twofold:

  1. Appeal to those with the right vehicle and lifestyle to want to tour around Europe

  2. Display the wonder and beauty of what would be experienced along the way: scenery, landscapes, accommodation, food etc.

As the specific tours had already been formulated, it was then a question of creating the individual tour pages with itinerary, prices and basic details. Whilst creativity was key to this website, the images of locations along the routes really spoke volumes and enticed the viewer into the concept of managed European tours. Header images were customised to include bold curves and shadowing added for page depth all with idea of framing the actual tour images.

Great European Tours will plan all aspects of each tour from satnav programming, hotel bookings, border crossing and more, leaving the client to enjoy the holiday with no planning worries whatsoever.

Essentially, this website is an ecommerce and booking facility and so the functionality was key in taking the viewer on the journey of purchasing the product. The website integrates ecommerce with a secure payment gateway and guides the user into providing the correct details for the company to correctly plan the holiday for the client.


If you are considering building a touring website, holiday website or travel agent website then get in touch with us at 07825559642 or email


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