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Website design & launch - Bibi Mortgages

Having worked with Harjinder on website projects before, it was a pleasure to repeat a website design with an existing client.

This client came to me with pre-conceived designs for a website as well as all required content which makes it easier to design a website as the focus transitioned to the look of the site. The user experience.

Which is exactly how it should be.

I have completed a few websites designed for estate agents and property investors and the spotlight for this website was to showcase the beauty of the geographical areas of interest to consider the lifestyle of the prospective buyer as well as the property for sale.

As someone who lives in the locale of the business, I found that the estate agent website inspiration required was right on my doorstep and this made this project all the more enjoyable.

The client is very happy with the completed product which has passed all estate agent mortgage compliance requirements and is now live.

I continue to work with Harjinder at Bibi Mortgages on estate agent SEO for his website along with estate agent marketing strategies.


If you would like us to look at your estate agent website development project then get in touch with us on 07825559642 or email



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