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Website design & launch - Radon Protection UK

Radon Protection UK approached me for a refresh of an existing design on a recommendation from another client of mine. They already had a Wordpress website which, whilst contain relevant information, did not have enough visual impact or depth of content that this company required.

Once the design was agreed, the project begin by creating a template that could be replicated over and over to create all of the existing pages from the current site as well as new pages as required.

The new site contained a strong brand image and a modern theme with strong colours and straight lines. The client was able to provide plenty of new content to upload to ensure that their customers were fully informed on the importance of radon protection.

I continue to work with this client to promote website SEO as well as other projects too.


If you would like to discuss your next website project then please get in touch by calling 07825559642 or email

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