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Google Analytics Certificate - done!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Google Analytics is a tool that provided by Google to help website owners monitor traffic on their website. Whilst there are paid versions of Google Analytics, the majority of people find that the free version of Google Analytics provided enough information to make useful inferences about how traffic lands on a website and study how they behave once on the website.

Google Analytics certification is available to ensure that the standard of monitoring and knowledge of how to use Google Analytics is of a high standard and therefore useful to the person who owns the website in question.

As part of my SEO strategy projects, I often work with clients on a long term basis to monitor their SEO strategies. A large part of this is reviewing and interpreting statistics, often starting from the Google Analytics dashboard. For this reason, it is important to me to be able to demonstrate to my clients that I am a worthy investment to help with their online visibility via SEO strategy implementation and data analytics.



For the small business owners, achieving the Google Analytics for Beginners qualification is often enough to get along with . As an SEO strategy specialist, I apply my knowledge in more detail and so took the Advanced Google Analytics Concepts examination on Wednesday March 24th 2021 and am now certified in Google Analytics.

(Click on image to see my verification)


Scenario: you are a small business owner who has a website and has just paid an SEO specialist to put together a robust SEO strategy for your website. A few weeks later and everything is in place. Awesome.

But what then?

For any SEO content or keyword strategy has to be monitored to see what is working, what is not working and what changes will help to improve the strategy over time.

This is where an SEO specialist can be employed to do the legwork on statistical analysis and to make recommendations over time.

But who will you choose?

An 'expert' is simply someone who knows more about a subject than the person to whom they are speaking. It is someone who is knowledgeable. There is quantifiable definition to an expert though. So when you, as a small business owner, look on Google and search for 'SEO companies near me' or an 'SEO specialist near me', you will be served up a list of websites from Google that can... do the job?

Can they? How do you know?

How do you know if someone is an SEO Expert?

You don't know really because anyone can call themselves an SEO expert. So there are a couple of metrics that you can use in order to satisfy yourself that the person or agency that you hire is an investment and not an expense:


Whilst they are not the whole story, a proper, verifiable qualification from a known institute will certainly go a long way in justifying whether someone is a qualified SEO expert or not. (This is why I chose to sit the exam directly with Google and not another, unregulated course provider like Udemy or Coursera).


There is nothing wrong with starting a business and offering services. (We all have to start somewhere). But maybe someone who does not have too much experience would be called a trainee SEO manager or SEO executive? How can we know if someone is experienced? Having a public list of testimonials on Google or Facebook would help.

If you can see 20+ Google reviews and their average score is over 4 out of 5 then you can be a little bit more sure of their ability to handle your website SEO.


I will always study my industry because my industry constantly evolves. If I stand still, I will get left behind and my services will eventually be irrelevant and ineffective. I would expect this of anyone who offers any kind of service in an ever-changing industry like digital marketing and so I urge you to check the qualifications of anyone with whom you chose to hire to ensure that your money is well spent and is considered a good investment.


If you would like to learn about SEO, you can find plenty of article in the SEO category on my website like How do you do SEO for a website, How can I do SEO for free and Finding keywords for your SEO strategy.


You can contact me for an informal chat if you are interested in SEO services on 07825559642 or email me at

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