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How can I do SEO for FREE?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

A good SEO strategy is worth the investment.

The investment made to put together an SEO strategy could be your finances if you are employing an SEO agency, or your time if you are doing it yourself. Whilst you will not be able to do as thorough a job as a digital marketing agency (if you need this, call me!), you will find that, with a bit of time and research, you find that there are plenty of free SEO tools and free SEO software available to help you get your website noticed online.

As a Wix Expert I want to take a look at Wix SEO Wizard. This is a free that is provided by Wix to help anyone with a Wix website to get their website ranked on Google. That's what I love about Wix: they have everything covered from websites to emailing to graphic design to SEO. Wix WANT you to succeed so you stay with them and advocate their software. The SEO wizard is a great example of how Wix help everyone in their tribe to be the best.

If you have a Wix website but haven't used the Wix SEO Wizard yet then check out this video that I threw together (it's very rustic...) for a brief insight into how simple a tool it is to use.

NOTE: My apologies about the webcam video that did not appear in the bottom right corner of the screen. It was there when I filmed the video, I promise! It only showed my face. You're really not missing much, I assure you...

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