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Website Launch - Eric & Jensen

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

I don't usually do blog posts for website launches but I felt the need this time!

Eric & Jensen are two young guys from Huntingdon who have an amazingly natural talent for country & western music. When I visited the family home a while back I could immediately see the affinity and love of all things American but honestly, I was still blown away by their music.

These guys have immersed themselves in the American way. The American lifestyle. To me they even portray a subtle country swagger in their online videos as well as amazing vocals that compliment this genre of music.

It was fun working on this website. It gave me the ability to join on their journey (and I really do think they are going somewhere) and I really hope you like the site too. has a classic, timeless look that displays Eric & Jensen's style and brand without frills, fancy design or over the top imagery. It is a portal to their world and a connection for their social media channels (which are growing literally by the minute!).

Make sure you follow them and check out their music. I've added a video for you below. I warn you though - it is addictive and your toe will start tapping...

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