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Google Webmaster Tools - Certified

Google Search Central Qualified

Google Webmaster can be described as a conduit of tools that help website owners understand how Google sees their website and therefore could be considered a 'code of conduct' for your website.

Understanding how Google sees and indexes web sites and pages is fundamental in ensuring that websites are placed in front of the right audience and have the best chance of reaching top slots in SERPs (search engine results pages).

As a website designer and SEO specialist this course was useful as a refresher to ensure that I adhere to best practice when it comes to design, content and SEO.

Google Webmaster Tools was a set of rules and free advice from Google and can be interwoven with tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. It is now more commonly known as Google Search Central and is free for public use.

Google Webmaster Tools Qualified


As always, I ensure that I continue learning about internet codes of practice so that my products are ethical and follow best practice.

This is a verified qualification and you can click on the certificate image accordingly to check the verification online.

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