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Donate for World Down's Syndrome Day (21st March 2018)

Updated: May 5, 2020

This month's special offer is a bit closer to my heart.

The little girl that you see in the advert is Sofia. She is my niece. That smile on her face is the most glorious and heart warming smile that I have ever seen. Sofia is a cheeky, bubbly girl with a tendency to fall asleep on me.

Sofia has Down's Syndrome. She has to have regular trips to specialists in London to have check ups and tests and will live her life dealing with ailments that lucky people like me don't have to deal with.


This has not stopped her pursuing a modelling career, learning some sign language and more- all things that I can't do; and she is only 2!

Sofia is great and she cheers me up whenever I see her. She just needs a bit more help sometimes and that is why I want to donate some money to this cause to help those who struggle with Down's Syndrome to have an awesome and happy life.

If you need a website you'll find someone to do it anyway. If you book with me at any time of the year I will still design an amazing website for you. However I'll also donate £20 of what you pay towards Beds Down's Syndrome Support Group too. If you want a logo I'll throw in another £10 too.

In the last year I've designed 30 websites and 15 logos. That would be £750 towards this cause! Imagine that?!

You can find out more about World Down's Syndrome Day at and don't forget to wear odd socks on the 21st! Even better, buy #lotsofsocks HERE to help raise even more money!

Head over to our contact page to have a chat with us or drop us a line to talk about your website project.

Donate for Down's Syndrome

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