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You CAN get something for nothing!

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

This should be a refreshing change for some of you small business owners out there because I want you to understand that you can get something for nothing online. As business owners (myself included) we all want to be able to promote our products and services to the right market without the requirement of spending our life savings in the process.

How do we do this? We LEVERAGE the internet.

How to leverage the internet


I’ve seen some amazing and often hilarious quotes from marketing companies asking for hundreds of pounds every month from small businesses to ‘ensure’ that their business ranks highly on Google or is heard over the noise of the internet.

In amongst all the ways you can pay to be seen online (PPC, adverts, AdWords, etc.) are a plethora of ways that you can advertise your business completely free of charge; and you should use them! They are effective and work. If they don’t work, you haven’t lost any investment. CLICK HERE for something that you could print out and use and remember that the key word here is leverage. You are aiming to leverage these platforms to your benefit.

Good luck!

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