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Is your logo ACUTE?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Your logo is part of the brand of your business. Part of it’s personality. Your logo should be an eye catching and appropriate graphic that sends the right message to your market.

We recommend that you get an ACUTE logo designed.

How to design the perfect logo

A adaptable

C catchy

U uncomplicated

T targeted

E enduring


You should visualise your logo in as many different formats as you think necessary. Your logo should be adaptable enough for a business card, vehicle signage, website, print ad or more. It should work in a horizontal or vertical format. It should be clear whether as a tiny graphic or a huge billboard. It should even be usable on a black background as well as a white one.

A good idea can be to create a black and white logo to observe simplicity and clean lines and then add colour as required. The colours used should be practical for the medium on which it will be displayed. For example, red colours are typically difficult to work with for newspaper print whereas simple colours from the CMYK colour palette are better.


Along with its simplicity a log should be eye catching; enough so that the eye is attracted to it and the mind remembers it. A logo certainly does not need to portray the subject matter. Indeed, the subject matter and a graphic can sometimes be impossible to link and may even be inappropriate to create a logo whilst forcing the subject matter into the design. Consider an accountancy firm who insists on pound signs in their logo. It would not portray a trustworthy image of the company regardless of what they do.

A logo simply needs to be clear, unique and memorable.


Simple logo designs are a lot easier to remember and thus convey a message with longevity and therefore are better at conveying a message to the client. Imagine your logo on a bill board on the edge of the motorway- are drivers going to be able to remember your logo whilst safely driving past at 70 mph?

Some of the best logos in the world are as simple as it can get: Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s Golden Arches etc


You want your logo to appeal to the right market. It would be appropriate for a child’s toy shop logo to have plenty of colour and a childish font yet an undertaker would adopt a more dignified and sensible approach. As previously mentioned: a logo does not need to contain the subject matter to be effective. Think of as many car brands that you know; do any of their logos actually have a car in them?


A logo should be able to stand the test of time. It needs to endure decades of societal changes and buying trends and display a stoic presence in the market. A good example of this would be the Sony logo which has hardly changed throughout the years. If you then look at the Pepsi Cola logo you will see many distinct changed

For a list of the top 50 brands in the world check out THIS LIST from

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