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Why should I choose your business?

Point of difference.

Unique selling point.

Call it what you will. The question here remains the same: as a paying customer, why should I choose YOUR business over the myriad of other professionals out there who offer the same thing? What do you do so differently that will make me book that appointment, buy that product or sign on the dotted line?

In the competitive world of business this is a fundamental question that you should be asking yourself not just once but every day so that you can stay a cut above the rest; and it may not be as easy as you think.

The USPs of your business

I attended a seminar once that was hosted by a lady who was a world leader in brand marketing and the promotion of businesses. Sat in front of her were about 30 high profile business men and women from local businesses of various industries. She talked about the importance of making your business unique and a cut above the rest and then challenged the owners to tell her why she should choose their business. Several wrong answers came out:

"Because we are the best". Not good enough. Everyone can say that and it isn't a quantifiable statement.

"We offer the best customer service". Not good enough- anyone can claim this.

"You can have the best coffee while you wait". What is stopping your competitor saying the same? (assume the customer had never been to either business).

The best answer that was given was simple: "I'm not sure now that you ask me." Honesty in this case led a business owner to go away and maybe implement that point of difference that is crucial to being perceived as the best, most reliable, best value or however you wish your business to be interpreted.

So your customer is on the phone and they ask you this question: "Why should I choose you?". Now you can consider your reply.

Backtrack a bit though...

How has this customer even found you in the first place?

This is where your website comes in. It is not headline news that the majority of customers search online for goods and services. You need a good website. You have a very short amount of time to make a first impression so your website needs to have a fresh, clean design and a clear purpose for your customer. You need to get them on the phone, sending you an email or walking through your door.

This is where Full Circle Website Design can offer you what you need in a website. Whether it is a restaurant menu and takeaway ordering system, an informational website or e-commerce we can provide fully bespoke sites with unique design that will drive your customers to you.

"Ok," you ask, "but why should I choose Full Circle Website Design?"

Good question! I'm glad you asked!

We do websites. That's true. We will design you a website AS GOOD AS (if not better than) anyone else out there; but the reason you should choose us over everyone else out there is what we offer through our digital management packages on top of your website. Let me briefly explain:

For £60 per month we can:

Maintain your website.

Provide SEO behind the scenes to drive traffic to your site

Brand your social media with bespoke ads

Regularly post to your social media sites

Audit your Google products (Business, Google+)

Link your site to everything

Provide you with up to 2 business email addresses

Design your logo

We will even design adverts for you to use anywhere. (we have designed business cards, online ads, print ads,car detailing, mugs, hats, clothing, doormats, display stands... anything).

That is why you should choose us: Because for the sake of just £60 per month you simply WILL NOT find what we offer for you for the same amount from any other online marketing company.

Best value. Comprehensive. Relevant.

Call 07825559642 or email for a meeting or conversation to discuss your requirements.


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