Direct email and automation that yield results

Providing empirical data that demonstrates open and click through rates that are above industry standards.

Using email programmes like Mailchimp, and techniques like image mapping, we can produce email workflows and automations that are compelling and that yield results. Workflows can be set up to run automatically behind the scenes of your website or sent individually at scheduled times depending on the requirements of the business.


Statistics from Mailchimp cross referenced with Google Analytics (or other similar analytical programmes) to give clear indications of what is working and what is not. Effective A/B testing can lead to marketing campaigns with high yielding results; which is why direct marketing is commonly known as one of the best forms of marketing available online.


By using data from several sources to investigate structured email testing, a strategy can be formulated that is effective and efficient at producing results. 

Email marketing can be streamlined over time to concentrate on those products which yield the best results and profit as a direct result of professional implementation of testing.


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