Social Media Management and off page SEO

We've covered SEO in a nutshell on the Hosting page. Social Media Management and off page SEO are all of those things that we can do around the website that will help your website become more visible and engaging to the online public. We liken this to a spider's web where all the different bits and pieces link up and all lead back to your website (which is the centre of the web). There are various ways to do this and we can help with these:

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We can help set up pages like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and link them to your website. Social media is being used more and more as time goes on to find, connect and interact with audiences. A business that does not embrace social media to the fullest will be left behind by the competition. 

We can help you to build a following online and stay connected with your audience by scheduling regular, interesting and informative posts.


We can help get your website listing on reputable directories that will bring credibility and exposure to your website. Directory pages can be branded to be in line with your website too.


If your website is a shop then building links will be the roads leading to that shop from other websites. We can help you to build links. Links are good.


You can have a blog page on your website or a separate blog site. Blogging is like writing articles (content) and content is good. If you can write articles for another website in your industry this can also be useful.

We use other methods too which can be discussed as appropriate. Above is a good, simple snapshot of off page SEO which is an important chunk of your digital marketing strategy.